Thursday, January 22, 2009

Winter fun in Washington

We decided to take advantage of some unseasonably clear, warm (low 40s) weather and go up to Mt. Baker Ski area for a little winter fun. The older kids had a blast on their sleds on the hills and frozen lake (a little scary) and Mallory enjoyed watching them zoom by and the occasional ride with Doug or myself. It was such a fun weekend especially since we've had so much cloudy, cold and foggy weather lately. This was a much needed break from that. We were actually getting sweaty up on the mountain in all our many layers. It felt so nice to have that crisp, bright mountain sunshine on our faces. We'd really like to go back this weekend but I think the weather is going to start deteriorating soon, unfortunately. We're trying to soak up as much of Washington's splendor as we can before we PCS next year because wherever we move next, it just won't measure up to this awesome place.

The Nooksack River

Mt. Shuksan